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What We Do

We believe in providing world class service to our clients, look at mortgage financing as a wealth creation tool, and have a specific focus for the types of transactions we can help with. Focusing in allows us to be masters of our craft rather than "jack of all trades - master of none". In addition to purchases and refinances on residential mortgages, a few of the niches we specialize in are:
  • Mortgages for physicians & medical professionals
  • Mortgages during divorce
  • Borrowing to invest (to build wealth)
  • Mortgages for real estate investors

What We Do NOT Do

We do not under any circumstances handle any of the following mortgage situations:
  • Private mortgage lending for clients, or Commercial or Industrial mortgage lending
  • Rooming houses or student rental financing
  • Construction financing of any kind (we regularly handle new home purchases, leasehold improvement & renovation work)
  • Residential mortgages for properties with more than four units
  • Mortgages for properties outside of Ontario, Alberta & British Columbia unless the province has no licensing provisions
  • Mortgages for properties that have had any form of previous fraud or criminal activity associated with them (eg. grow ops, drug labs, criminal operations etc.) and/or any borrower who has ever owned or been associated with a property of this nature
  • Mortgages for time shares, raw land, operating farms, properties zoned agricultural
  • Mortgages for people borrowing within holding companies without a minimum financial advisory fee of $1,000
For new clients we do not handle:
  • Mortgages with loan amounts below $200,000 unless from an approved referral source. For all mortgages below $200,000 there is a surcharge of $1,000 per transaction.
  • Mortgages with more than 2 applicants on title unless from an approved referral source. For all transactions with more than 2 applicants there is a surcharge of $500 per additional applicant to a maximum of 4 total applicants.
  • Mortgages for clients who are on title for 4 or more properties. However, for our existing clients with a real estate portfolio we built with you, we are always happy to continue to provide assistance. Due to changing credit conditions and prevalence of mortgage fraud, we can no longer assume real estate borrowing portfolios that we did not initially setup. For new clients who are currently on title to 4 or more properties, we will not take you on as a client.

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Source: Bank of Canada, 2008-2014

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