Why work with our team? Here are ten reasons why…

Let’s be honest – there aren’t a lot of people in financial services sales that will start off the initial client process by stating that they are only average at what they do and that you should like consider working with somebody else. They almost all promise the world and it’s not until you have something go wrong with your transaction or you are well into it that you realize they have over-promised. Here are the top ten fact-based things that set myself and our team apart (facts that I believe are unmatched by anyone else in the Canadian mortgage industry):
  1. In the last 14 years I have personally funded over $1.8 billion of dollars of mortgages (representing over four thousand transactions I personally advised on).
  2. I have over seven years of post-secondary education and have completed graduate level business education programs at both the Schulich School of Business and Harvard Business School.
  3. In the last ten years I have appeared on every national television network in the country and been quoted in every national newspaper (unlike many banks and other mortgage brokerages – my spots weren’t paid for.. they were earned).
  4. I have been qualified as an expert for legal proceedings over twenty times and never had my expert opinion defeated in any level of court or legal proceedings ever!
  5. Globally respected investment bankers Goldman Sachs and Soros Fund Management (as in George Soros – and no I never met him) have both consulted me personally on financial positions in excess of a billion dollars in the Canadian Market … they even came right to my office in Toronto to get it.
  6. Over 70% of my business comes from repeat clients and their referrals (and has since my fourth year in the business) – factual evidence that clients value what we do.
  7. I have published over 200 articles on personal finance and mortgages in the last ten years alone.
  8. In the last ten years I have spoken in front of more than 44,000 people (excluding media appearances).
  9. In nine independent audits by lenders my clients had the lowest mortgage default rate of any mortgage provider in the country (evidence that we don’t put people in mortgages they aren’t suited towards or shouldn’t qualify for). We put clients’ interests first!
  10. Our team is unbelievably passionate about customer service and helping people achieve their financial goals. In addition we are way more fun to talk to, dance better than 99% of other mortgage people, and wear much cooler socks!  (This one is very obviously totally subjective… but I had to check if you were paying attention).Facts aside – don’t take my word for it. Watch this brief video to see what others have to say about what I represent:

Calum W.M. Ross, B.Comm,  MBA, PFP, CDFA

Wealth Advisor, Principal Broker

Calum Ross is a passionate, energetic, and results focused mortgage advisor and nationally recognized leader and speaker in the field of mortgage banking and financial planning with a strong commitment to driving positive change within the financial services’ industry. With over seven years of post-secondary finance education from top globally ranked business schools, including the Schulich School of Business and Harvard Business School, and extensive training in the field of personal finance, there is no personal finance professional better qualified to service the mortgage and financial advisory needs of mortgage borrowers.

Specializing in comprehensive mortgage solutions, whether refinancing a residence, purchasing your second vacation home, or restructuring a vast group of real estate holdings, Calum and his team are ready to provide thorough professional advice relating to the optimal debt and equity structure of real estate holdings to build your wealth. Calum has personally originated over $2 billion dollars of residential mortgages, averaging over $100 million dollars of sales annually.

Calum is regularly featured in the media as a mortgage expert including appearances on CBC, Global TV, CTV and BNN. In addition to his TV appearances, Calum has contributed to mortgage, personal finance, and real estate articles in The Globe and Mail, The National Post and numerous other publications. Outside of the mortgage world, Calum continues to train as a black belt in Shotokan Karate and fitness enthusiast while nurturing and supporting his two most valuable assets… his seven and ten year old daughters.

Alan Cacic

Managing Director, Production Partner to Calum Ross


Sean Malachi

Compliance Office, Non-Portfolio Mortgages Clients


Mark McKoy

Team Performance and Operations Excellence Coach

Perhaps the greatest honour on earth for any athlete is to win an Olympic Gold Medal for their country. It is quite literally the global world standard in athletic excellence. To achieve this success takes an unparalleled level of work ethic, a staggering commitment to personal and professional improvement, and a true appreciation of intense environments where passion and positive peer pressure push people to achieve their personal best. It was these exact traits that enabled Mark McKoy to win an Olympic Gold Medal for Canada in Hurdles, and these exact traits that have made him a highly valued and well suited member of our roster.

Even more impressive than being a global athletic champion – Mark is one of the kindest, most thoughtful, and most client focussed members to ever be a part of our team. Since winning numerous Gold Medals on the global stage Mark has built martial arts studios and spoken around the world on the science of human performance – but never drifted too far from his passion for serving and helping others. Mark has his champion like attitude is present in all he does. He is also the one who never stops reminding us that like a chain.. a team is only as strong as it’s weakest link.

Mark’s expertise on the dynamics of what makes individual performance and team dynamics work well is globally recognized. After years of being a real estate investor, a licensed Realtor, and working directly on the team there is no better person to help our group build and sustain our team’s commitment to excellence in the mortgage and financial service industry. Mark, father of four, and his wife reside in Etobicoke with their two youngest sons. When not looking after our clients or spending time with his wife and kids – Mark can be found at the gym daily doing his daily workout at 5:30 am getting supercharged to show other people how to achieve their personal and professional best.  Anyone who has seen Mark speak or train knows there are very few people who take so much joy in helping others achieve more. We are fortunate to have Mark as our in house team performance expert!

You can book Mark McKoy to speak at your own event at by reaching him at: www.MarkMcKoy.com
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