The Mortgage Process – Four Simple Steps for Hassle Free Mortgages

The mortgage process sounds intimidating but having done it over a thousand times in the last couple of years alone – let us assure you that it doesn’t have to be. Any issue that could arise we have seen, solved, and dealt with at some point before.

Our team believes in being totally transparent with our clients. It is our belief that the more you know about how the mortgage process/business works and how it relates to your financial plan, the greater your comfort level and the more confidence you feel in mortgage decisions. We also belive that the experience of seeing how committed we are to acting as your resource and learning allows you to appreciate the real benefits of working with a well educated and client focussed team with a track record for superior results and client satisfaction.

Our client process has been set up being guided by our service philosophy used at all times: we strive to simplify the loan process for you, minimize the effort and time required of you, and work as your personal mortgage planner to structure mortgage financing that is most appropriate for your overall financial strategy. More importantly, we commit to continually monitoring and advising you on your mortgage from this day forward to ensure ongoing cost effectiveness and integration into your long and short-term financial goals.

There are two sections provided here for your use: information on The Players and detailed information on the Process itself. The Process section begins with the list to the right. Please click on the step that you would like to see more detail as appropriate. For information on the professionals or players involved, click here.