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Excited to Introduce My New Book – The Real Estate Retirement Plan

February 1, 2017 | Posted by: Calum Ross

Ever since I wrote my first financial column (dating back to when I was completing doing my MBA 1998-2002) I knew I wanted to write a personal finance book. Before I was even finished my MBA, I had the privilege of getting to teach other MBA students some of the components of the MBA level Personal Finance course.

The Completion of My Nearly 20 Year Dream

After many months of writing content, and collaborating with co-authors (Simon Giannini, publishers, and data sources my first published book is ready to hit the shelves February 25th, 2017. You can read a sample chapter of the book, or order on, but I wanted to give you some real insight into why I wrote this book and why you should care.


My reason for getting involved in the mortgage industry early in my career wasn’t focused on making money, and neither is this book. Both my career and book are focused on making a difference for the client and that philosophy is what has allowed me to become a national leader in the mortgage space. It’s no secret that books typically are not big money makers for the author – but the book has an important message that I wanted to share.

Debt As a Wealth Tool

Debt is often frowned upon as something to avoid at all costs, and that prevailing attitude learned at an early age keeps many Canadians from reaching their financial potential. The wealthy commonly borrow other people’s money for finance their purchase of income producing assets, businesses, etc. – they use debt as a tool to create more wealth that they otherwise couldn’t.

Over the past decade I have come to learn that most Canadians don’t need the lowest rate on a 5yr fixed mortgage as they pay down their mortgage as quickly as possible – they need the best advice on how to optimize their debt structure to create more wealth. Many people follow a disciplined saving regimen putting as much of each pay cheque as they can towards paying down their mortgage and being mortgage free. Is being mortgage free really the goal? Or is having financial freedom the goal?

The Growing Problem

There is a growing problem – the gap. Most Canadians approach their retirement years with trepidation because the truth is their financial plan is absent or underperforming – in most cases there is a GAP between what they have and what they need. Increased cost of living, longer life expectancies, and high tax rates mean a substantial nest egg is required to retire. High housing prices have a silver lining – billions of untapped, under-utilized, dormant equity that can help bridge the gap.

The Solution – The Real Estate Retirement Plan

Just as there is a clearly defined gap, there is a clearly defined solution that can work for many Canadians. Put to good use, dormant home equity can be borrowed at historically low interest rates to create higher returns and accelerate retirement savings.

Leveraging equity in a principal residence and using it wisely to purchase rental property is the solution to a safe, secure retirement for millions of Canadians.

Many Canadians who own their home have never considered buying a second property. And nearly one-third of retirees are worried about running out of money. My new book shows how homeowners can use the tools already available to them — their home equity and the right borrowing products — to access the initial capital to invest and prepare for their retirement. This is a proven, validated antidote to today’s historically low savings rates, poor current rates of return, and pressure on CPP and health care.

With examples and a detailed discussion of the principles and mechanics, myself and Simon Giannini demystify real-estate investing and make an irrefutable case for borrowing to invest.

Learn more or pre-order your copy of The Real Estate Investment Plan from
Comments from Industry Experts

Garry Marr

Columnist & Reporter at The National Post

“I’ve used Calum Ross as a source for many years in my reporting. He has a deep knowledge of real estate, borrowing to invest, mortgages, and personal finance. His arguments are always clear and well researched.”

Jonathan Chevreau

Founder of Financial Independence Hub and co-author of “Victory Lap Retirement”

“I’ve always said a paid-for home is the foundation of financial independence. But real estate can be far more than that, especially for would-be retirees suffering from minuscule interest rates and declining participation in employer pension plans. Calum Ross’s The Real Estate Retirement Plan is exactly that: showing how an income-oriented real estate portfolio can provide retirement security no matter how long a life you live.”

Romana King

Senior Editor and Real Estate Specialist at MoneySense

“Calum and Simon clearly explain why we need to rethink our retirement saving’s plans. Gone are the days of high rates of return and defined pension plans. Now, we must redefine our goals and the way to achieve these goals. This is a must read book if you’ve ever considered real estate as part of your retirement plan.”

Talbot Stevens

Speaker and Author of “The Smart Debt Coach”

“A great guide to an overlooked way to a secure retirement. All Canadians should know these powerful concepts to build real wealth, like the rich do!”

Learn more or pre-order your copy of The Real Estate Investment Plan from

No mortgage or financial planning team in this country does more borrowing to invest or borrowing for wealth creation than our team. We have the business track record and formal education to support your plan and to help you achieve your financial goals. Volatile markets create opportunities and we would love the opportunity to help you capitalize. Call our office today to discuss how we can help at 1-855-410-9905 or email

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